One Piece Chapter 263


Nami kneels with a cat on a towel with a note pattern. Both have headphones on. They are in a park, behind them is a bird, also with headphones.


Upper Yard: Chopper has defeated Priest Gedatsu and shouts out his joy. He is now a real pirate. Gedatsu is stuck upside down in a swamp cloud and suddenly moves his feet, he wants to get out of the cloud and activates his Milky Dial on his left leg. However, due to his stance, he flies away downwards and disappears. Chopper decides to now search for the gold alone to surprise the others.

Mantis and another Shandia approach Giant Jack via a sky-road, where they suspect Enel is. His companion suddenly disappears and is suddenly held by the head by Enel, sitting on a branch. He is charred and seemingly unconscious and is tossed away by Enel. He greets Mantis and gives him five minutes to kill him, until then he will not move. If Mantis hasn’t defeated him by then, he will feel God.

Sky-Road, The Going Merry: Hotori and Kotori whirl about the ship, kicking around the unconscious Sanji and Usopp. Having defeated their brother Satori, they know no mercy. Nami tries to stop them and hits Kotori with her Climatic Pole, who deflects the pole with his left hand and holds it up to Nami’s face with his right. In that hand, he has a Flavour Dial with a fart of his stored in it. Kotori has an Impact Dial on his left and a Flavour Dial on his right. Hotori has an Axe dial on his right and a Flame dial on his left. They both enjoy the confusion created by their similar appearance. They spin in circles embraced at the elbows. Nami doesn’t care who is who and fires a Typhoon at them, but it misses its target and flies by. Kotori holds the Flavour Dial on Gan Fall, who takes his coat for protection, which doesn’t help him as Hotori uses his Flame Dial to light the gas. Gan Fall is thrown off the ship by the explosion, but manages to hold onto the railing while holding his spear with his feet. He jumps back onto the ship and kills Kotori with the spear. The previously fired Typhoon returns and hits the unprepared Hotori in the back of the head with a Cyclone, which falls into the Sky-Road.

Gan Fall’s wound has reopened, he asks Nami to defeat Hotori with his Timpanic Gauntlet as he is about to return. Inside the glove is an impact dial. Pierre hands it to her and Nami has trouble even holding the glove up. Enraged, Hotori reappears and goes to finish her off. Since he’s soaked and the air is humid enough too, Nami fires off quite a few Snow Balls and asks Hotori for fire, who immediately uses his Flame Dial. The humid air now condenses through the hot air, creating fog. Hotori can’t see anything and suddenly Nami is sitting on his shoulders holding Impact in front of his face. She fires it, which nearly takes her arm out, but she won the fight and was able to protect Sanji and Usopp because of it. Robin lies injured in front of Yama, who asks her if that was all.

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