One Piece Chapter 262


Wapol’s Omnivorous Appetite, Part 23 (final installment): The Resurrection of Evil! Wapol sits on a throne. Money flutters down on him, he has a crown on. The corporations can be seen in the background. Hakowan and Miss Universe are beside him.


Upper Yard: Priest Gedatsu stands in front of Chopper and after acting slightly stupid, he explains that here is the test of the swamps with a survival rate of 50%. The whole area is prepared with swamp clouds, anyone who steps in them will not get out. While Gedatsu is explaining his test, he himself has sunk into a swamp cloud. He doesn’t mind though, with his Swamp Milky Dial, two Dials mounted on his feet, he flies out of the cloud. With special dials, he produces a swamp cloud with his hands suspended in the air. As a swamp cloud burger, he shoots the cloud at Chopper, but hits the Divine Soldiers present. Trapped in the cloud and unable to breathe, he tries to free himself but only sinks deeper into the cloud.

Gedatsu launches another Swamp Cloud Burger, Chopper dodges it screaming and pulls the Divine Soldiers out of the cloud. In his human form, he punches him in the chest. Cloud debris comes out of the Divine Soldiers’s mouth and he awakens. He thanks Chopper and when Gedatsu says he should be ashamed to be saved by the enemy, the Divine Soldiers deserts and wants to fight alongside Chopper with his Axe-Dial. Gedatsu hits after both of them at the same time with his Jet Punch. He has a Jet Dial, an extinct species, attached to his elbow in each case, which speeds up the punch tremendously. The only downside is that his sleeve always snaps when he does this. The Divine Soldiers is knocked unconscious and Chopper only misses because of his small size. Paralyzed with fear, he just wants to escape and runs to the ruins. As Gedatsu goes for the next Jet Punch, Chopper swallows a Rumble Ball and uses Double Jump power to dodge the blow. Using his Milky Dials, Gedatsu immediately jumps after it and goes for another Jet Punch in mid-air. This time Chopper dodges it with Double-Weight, which Gedatsu takes advantage of to shoot a Swamp Cloud Burger at him from above. Double-Plush is enough to bounce off the cloud.

Chopper goes into Double Brain Power form and does a Scope Check as Gedatsu flies towards him. The Scope only gives him time to change into Double Plush and intercept the Jet Punch. But even that doesn’t help much, he slams into a ruin at high speed and is badly injured. However, he has discovered Gedatsu’s weak spot in his feet. Briefly, Chopper considers running away, but decides to stop doing just that and defeat Gedatsu. He wants to be a pirate. He’s rushed up to him and clutches his leg. Gedatsu kicks him away. Chopper leaps up with double-jump power. Gedatsu goes to follow him, but when he activates his Milky-Dials, he just slingshots into the air, as Chopper had taken off one of his shoes. Gedatsu’s Mantora is confused and his Jet Punch misses. Chopper uses his cross kick with Double-Arm-Strength and is able to hit Gedatsu right on the chest.

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