One Piece Chapter 261


Wapol’s Omnivorous Appetite, Part 22: I’m Marrying Miss Universe. Wapol marries Miss Universe at a big wedding. People are cheering for them. The dog stands next to him again.


Luffy vs Wyper: The two face off after the first exchange of blows. Wyper wants to know if the Straw Hat has had enough yet, Luffy just replies he’s just getting started. Crashing ensues and Luffy falls down into a dark cavern with debris from buildings. Wyper wonders what that was, but then focuses on his task. He needs to conserve his strength as he can’t take another Reject.

Warrior Genbo vs Lance Corporal Yama: In the forest, Genbo shoots down two Divine Soldierss with his bazooka. He uses iron bullets as ammunition, a metal that does not originally exist in Heaven. Yama appears and they both recognize each other. Genbo shoots at Yama, who jumps up and kicks the iron bullet back, hitting Genbo in the stomach with his own bullet. He crashes into a tree, but immediately rears back against the charging Yama. The latter has a belt with ten Axe-Dials attached, the end of which he holds with his hands. He hits Genbo with Axe Mountain, causing him to get slashed by the Axe-Dials and go down by the tree. Yama celebrates his victory with a loud roar.

More fighting is taking place in the Upper Yard. Robin, meanwhile, has found a monument to the ancient city of Shandora, built after its fall by the descendants of its inhabitants. In 402 anno Maris, the city was in full bloom until it perished in 702, 800 years ago. This corresponds to the years for which no information is known. Robin wants to go to the city center to learn more about the lost history of the city of Shandora. Out of the shadows comes Yama.

Upper Yard, The Going Merry: Lance Corporals Hotori and Kotori stand on the parapet, seeking revenge for their defeated brother Satori. Pierre throws his spear to Gan Fall. Nami holds her climatic baton at the ready. So the two fight together and Gan Fall advises her to see through the dials of the two opponents first.

A Divine Soldiers shows Gedatsu that Chopper is part of the Straw Hat Pirates based on a photo. The latter looks for the others from the crew and doesn’t notice Gedatsu until he is standing behind him. He wonders in shock who it is.

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