One Piece Chapter 260


Color Spread. The Straw Hat Pirates sits on a jetty, with a large clock tower and city in the background. Some carry muskets while Luffy sleeps, feet on a crate labeled ‘Danger’. They are all standing around a treasure, as is a dog.


Upper Yard, The Going Merry: Usopp mourns the dead Sanji he holds in his arms. He wishes Chopper was there when Nami points out to him that he is listening on the right side for the heartbeat. Usopp listens on the left side and Sanji’s heart is still beating. They’re both still crying though because he’s probably mortally wounded. Enel touches Usopp’s forehead with his finger, which falls on Sanji and is also charred. Enel tells Nami if she keeps quiet, he won’t hurt her. She covers her mouth with her hands and wonders who that is. Gan Fall wants to know what Enel is up to. The subjects he took over six years ago are doing a good job and are doing well, but his time on Skypiea is coming to an end and he wants to say goodbye to Gan Fall. He is amused by Skypiea’s people, who see only a lump of Vearth in the Upper Yard. The reason Enel has occupied the island, why the Shandia want their homeland back, and why many Blaumeerians come to Skypiea is for the gold. The legacy of Shandora, the golden city that flourished on the Blaumeer long ago. Gan Fall does not know gold and is laughed at by Enel. He must go, for he takes part in the battles. When asked by Gan Fall if he will release the Divine Soldierss, he says only God knows. With a flash, he disappears. Two people have appeared behind Nami and Gan Fall, laughing.

Luffy vs Battle Devil Wyper: Luffy deflects Wyper’s bazooka shots with the gum-gum balloon. It’s useless on him. Wyper wants to try something different and loads a shell into his gun. He shoots at Luffy, who only notices a strong gust of air and then a foul stench. Wyper has stored gas in a wind dial. A blue-white fire shot from the bazooka burns the target with the gas. He calls the weapon a fire bazooka. Wyper misses his target, the dodged Luffy looks for his opponent who comes up beside him and takes a kick to the head. Luffy drops backwards, braces himself, and goes for a gum-gum pistol to hit Wyper, but he is able to deflect the blow with his skate-wavers. He is also able to intercept the gum-gum club with his shoes. Luffy continues to try unabated, but is always blocked. He smells the gas again and is just able to dodge the fire bazooka. Luffy thinks he has a better bazooka, so they both fire at the same time, Luffy his gum-gum bazooka, Wyper with the fire bazooka. Both are hit, Wyper’s shield is broken and he sits down for now. Both are badly scarred from the fight.

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