One Piece Chapter 257


Wapol’s Omnivorous Appetite, Part 19: Expansion! Wapol’s Toy Shop. Wapol stands laughing in front of a giant castle where he sells toys. On the castle it says TOY SHOP. The dog is standing next to him, as usual.


Upper Yard, The Going Merry: Sanji is standing in front of a barrel with a shell on it. He has a large hammer in his hand and is told by Gan Fall to hit the shell as hard as he can. Nami and Usopp watch. Sanji hits it and nothing happens, though the deck should be shattered. Now he is to place the shell with the hole side against the barrel and press the top on the top. As he does this, the barrel explodes and he is thrown backwards. Gan Fall explains to them, the conch is an impact dial. It absorbs impact energy into itself to release it later. You attach it to the inside of your hand with a bandage or glove. Used properly, it can also kill. In the past, there were said to be even more effective dials, the Reject Dial, with ten times the energy of an Impact. However, since it endangers the user’s life, it was rarely used. A Dial can be both useful and dangerous. A Heat Dial used for cooking turns a spear into a heat spear. A Flame Dial in the throat of a bird turns it into a fire-breathing bird. Since Blue Eaters don’t know about Dials and artificial clouds, they have a disadvantage when fighting Celestials. Sanji wants to know more about the Mantora. Gan Fall tries to explain it, but doesn’t master it himself. The mantora is an aural gift. Every living thing is said to possess an inaudible voice that can be picked up with the mantora. This allows one to anticipate a person’s actions. While the priests only hear voices in the Upper Yard, Enel can hear voices from all over the land.

God’s House: Enel notices Shura’s defeat and is amused by his own joke that Shura must not have had the protection of his god. Yama leads the 50 Divine Soldierss and gives them free rein to run wild. Laki kneels on the ground outside the Upper Yard, holding Aisa’s bag. She thinks about what was said, that soon they won’t have to fight over a bag of Vearth once Enel is defeated.

Upper Yard, Forest: Mantis yells at Wyper about why he used the Reject Dial. If he uses it again, his body will blow up with it. Wyper calls this humility and shoots him with his bazooka. Sacrifice is the only way to win a fight. Mantis was able to dodge, they now split up so they don’t all get caught again. Two Shandia are riding the Milky Way when one gets his chest slashed by a Divine Soldiers with the Axe Dial. The other Shandia tries to protect himself with a shield, but it is easily cut by the Axe-Dial and he too is defeated.

Luffy strolls through the forest singing. He hears a goat mowing, but it turns out to be a Divine Soldiers, which annoys Luffy, as he had been looking forward to seeing the goat. He continues walking when suddenly Wyper stands over him and wants to know what he’s doing here.

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