One Piece Chapter 255


Wapol’s Omnivorous Appetite, Part 17: Researcher investigates the mystery of Wapol’s toy. A researcher investigates Wapol’s toys. He uses all sorts of gadgets in the process. He looks quite amazed.


Upper Yard, Forest: Chopper, Robin, Luffy and Zoro are on their way to the Golden City. Robin is the only one in the group with a sense of direction. Luffy is bored as nothing happens when a giant snake head appears in front of them. Meanwhile, Nami, Usopp, and Sanji drive the The Going Merry down the Milky Way off the island. Since the river is uneven, they can only use Dial energy to drive, with the Floating Crow pushing the Lamb. Gan Fall is also on the ship with Pierre and tells them the story of the Upper Yard.

Four hundred years ago, this came into the sky. Before that, there were only isolated things from the Blue Sea that entered the sky through the Knock Up Streams. With the Upper Yard, a large amount of Vearth suddenly entered the sky. It was a miracle to the sky dwellers. The island was sacred to them, but along with the island, the natives who called themselves Shandia also came to heaven. They were terrorists to the angels, so war broke out and the Shandia were chased off the island. They have been trying to get their home back for 400 years now. Enel came to Skypiea six years ago with soldiers from another Sky Island and drove out Gan Fall, who was still a god at the time. His former troops have to do forced labor, Gan Fall doesn’t know the details. Some managed to escape and Gan Fall became “Knight of Sky” to help the deserters escape from the island.

Strangers are declared criminals by Enel, to be brought to judgment by the people of Heaven. Guilt arises, which Enel takes advantage of to control the people. The idyll on Angel Island has deceived her. Gan Fall asks them what gold is. Luffy flees with the others from the giant boa and is happy that something happened. The boa, while trying to eat the Straw Hats, bites a tree, etching away its trunk. It has poison fangs, so Luffy directs it towards him to allow the others to escape. In the chaos caused by the snake, everyone gets separated and must make their own way south to the ruins.

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