One Piece Chapter 254


Color Spread. Headline: Excuse Me Baby. No Parking on the Battleground. The Straw Hat Pirates runs among shipwrecks dressed as soldiers. Robin rides a pig.


Upper Yard, Forest: In the middle of the foggy night, Usopp needs to pee and goes to the river. Knocking sounds come from the Going Merry, through the fog Usopp can’t make out much except a silhouette with a hammer. He makes a disbelieving, shocked face and is later found unconscious by Zoro.

Upper Yard, house of worship: The three priests are standing in front of the house of worship. The door is opened, but the priests have an argument among themselves. Skybreeder Ohm, priest of Skypiea, has the test of iron. Skybreeder Gedatsu, priest of Skypiea, owns the test of swamps. Priest Shura feels his abilities are hindered by the other two. Skypiea’s chief corporal, Divine Soldiers Yama, calls them to order, they stand before their holiness. But the throne is empty as someone calls out, they weren’t paying attention. The priests are struck by lightning. Skypiea’s sole ruling god Enel now sits on the throne. He warns them of the Blue Eaters, whose goal is gold. The Shandia will also attack again the next day. Enel lifts the rules for the trials and gives them permission to set up their trial grounds anywhere. The “Maxim” is ready and they should get ready to leave for the world of dreams.

Upper Yard, The Going Merry: The next morning everyone stands amazed at the ship that has been repaired. The mast is back up, but it is no longer the model ‘Flying’, the wings and cockscomb are gone. They do not know who could have helped them. From the altar of sacrifice, they must head south to get to the ‘right eye’. Chopper, Robin, Luffy and Zoro go in search of gold while Nami, Usopp and Sanji leave the island by ship and wait near the ruins on the shore. The groups split up.

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