One Piece Chapter 253



Upper Yard, Forest: Mantis has been injured. Wyper, thinking he was close to his target, orders the injured to help and retreat. Priest Ohm tells him they are still miles from their destination and wants to attack the retreating Shandia, but Priest Gedatsu stops him. God Enel calls for them.

Upper Yard, Forest: The Straw Hat Pirates is camping in the forest. Luffy is bored watching water being distilled, so Sanji tells him to put the water in drinking bottles. Zoro and Chopper were hunting in the forest. They caught mice and frogs, they also found walnuts, aloe, bananas and garlic. They are to throw everything but the garlic into the pot. Robin has found salt crystals on the river bank. Chopper needs aloe and garlic to make burn ointment and disinfectant. Zoro reluctantly has to use his swords to take a rock from the fire and throw it into the pot. Sanji wants to make a stew. This is cooked with the heat of the stone, preserving all the nutrients.

Nami calls everyone together for a briefing. She tells them about Noland finding the Golden City 400 years ago, which disappeared shortly after. It must have entered the sky through the Knock-Up Stream. The substance that forms the clouds probably causes living things and plants in the sky to grow much larger. Chopper says the Southbirds who saved her called Gan Fall God. Noland’s journal said he saw gold in the skull’s right eye. Nami puts the map of Jaya and Skypiea together. Jaya 400 years ago looked like a skull. So the mystery of Noland’s last sentence is solved and they decide to leave there the next day to look for the gold. It’s getting late and Robin wants to put out the fire to avoid attracting attention. Both Luffy and Usopp are strictly against it. Camping without a campfire is unimaginable to them. Nami supports Robin, but Zoro and Sanji have already built a big pyre. It is lit and they have a big party, where even Cloud Wolves participate.

Gan Fall has woken up and sits down with the others. He declines the stew with thanks because he can’t eat yet. He tells them Conis and Pagaya are at his home and safe. He had overheard the briefing and explained why the island is sacred to the sky dwellers. No soil exists in the sky as it does on Jaya, island clouds cannot give birth to life. They call the earth Vearth, it is the eternal desire for the sky dwellers.

Deserted Island Northeast of Upper Yard: Wyper yells at Laki, who got distracted, which is why Mantis was injured. He takes Aisa’s bag with the Vearth, but Laki wants it back, having promised Aisa to bring her Vearth. Mantis holds onto Wyper’s hand and calms them both down. He can still fight, it was easier this time because Satori wasn’t there. They plan to attack again tomorrow. If they defeat Enel, they won’t have to fight over a bag of Vearth. They want to go back to Shandia’s old home as it existed 400 years ago.


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