One Piece Chapter 252


Wapol’s Omnivorous Appetite, Part 15: Reopening! Wapol’s Toy Store. Wapol is standing in front of a small toy stand, wearing an apron that says “TOY”. There are many small toys in the stall. The dog that peed on him is standing next to him.


Upper Yard, Coast: Nami is happy that the golden city is on the island and thanks God for it. All that matters to her is money. Shura fights Braham and more Shandia. Luffy, Usopp, and Sanji are riding the Milky Way across a meadow with skulls impaled on it when Wyper passes them with three other Shandia. He turns around and shoots them with the bazooka. Using the gum-gum balloon, Luffy deflects the bullet. Shandia reminds them of the terrorist from the White Sea. Wyper wants to ignore them, but is called cowardly by Luffy and lets his comrades go ahead already. Wyper advises them to leave Skypiea immediately, if they cause trouble he will destroy them like Enel. He then leaves and follows his comrades. The Floating Crow continues on its way and the crew is clearly enjoying the ride.

The Shandia fight against the priests. The priests injure some Shandia. The fight has an eerie intensity and neither side backs down. Zoro, Robin and Nami are back at the altar of sacrifice and see the damaged The Going Merry. They call for Chopper, who appears a short time later crying and glad they’re back. From the river comes the Floating Crow with Luffy, Usopp and Sanji. Usopp stands on the Going Merry in front of the rest of the broken mast. He doesn’t let on his sadness and is glad Chopper isn’t hurt. Inside the ship is Gan Fall, who has been doctored by Chopper. Pierre is already awake and bandaged. Since it’s better to fight on land, they decide to camp there, which Luffy is thrilled about.

Everyone is sitting together in the forest. Sanji grilled a Sky fish and Chopper continues to doctor Gan Fall. Nami has reported her discovery, which Usopp recaps. The island they are on is Jaya with the golden city, which is being sought by the monkey gang. When Luffy hears this, he joyfully calls out to search for gold.

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