One Piece Chapter 251


Wapol’s Omnivorous Appetite, Part 14: “Naked Survival”. Wapol has opened a toy store. He put up a sign: “ONE PRIECE FITS ALL”. 1,000,000 Berry is crossed out, but now it says 50 Berry. The children want to buy the toys.


Shandia’s Village Beyond the Clouds: Aisa knows through her Mantora that two people have been defeated. Probably Gan Fall and a priest. She tells Wyper, who she is afraid of. She warns Laki to be careful because Gan Fall didn’t defeat the priest, others did. Laki wants to see Aisa’s bag, but she refuses. Laki, on the other hand, promises to bring her some of the contents. Wyper overhears the conversation and looks pissed.

Upper Yard, Forest of the Lost: Satori has been defeated. Usopp calls the other two to him, he has found the ship. These stand in front of the defeated Satori and run to Usopp. With his belt he targets the Floating Crow and shoots Tarzan down, the other two hold onto him. The rope has snagged on the ship and rolls into the belt. The three are pulled to the ship, but crash into trees as they pull themselves up. They promise Usopp he will pay for this. The Floating Crow then leaves the Forest of the Lost.

Upper Yard, Forest: Nami wants to go to the coast with Zoro and Robin, where she has made a discovery, but needs to see it up close to confirm it. Priest Gedatsu sits on a stone statue and notices Satori’s defeat because his mantora has disappeared. Still, the victims will not escape. As he continues to speak, he locks his lips. Priest Ohm sits in a meadow littered with impaled skulls. He too has noticed the defeat of Gan Fall and Satori and is talking about it with his dog Holy. The sun will set soon, but the Upper Yard will not rest yet.

The Shandia ride on skate-wavers across the Snow White Sea. Their destination is the house of God. They fear not, for their god Kalgara protects them. Wyper gives Braham, Genbo, Mantis, and Laki orders to complete their missions. He fires the bazooka at the Upper Yard and the Shandia separately. Their appearance is noticed by the priests.

Upper Yard, Altar of Sacrifice: Chopper, Gan Fall and Pierre lie saved on the altar. Chopper wonders who saved them and is amazed to see a large bird. Nami, Zoro and Robin have reached the shore and are standing in front of half a hut, right on the cliff. It is the other half of Mont Blanc Cricket’s hut, which was two stories high but had no stairs. The hut the three are standing in front of has stairs. Chopper, Gan Fall and Pierre were rescued by big Southbirds. For 400 years, Jaya has been floating in the sky with the golden city.


  • The Overture is a musical instrument for the opening of a great stage work.
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