One Piece Chapter 250


Wapol’s Omnivorous Appetite, Part 13: Kids go crazy for my stuff! Kids play with the toys Wapol made.


Upper Yard, Altar of Sacrifice: The defeated Gan Fall falls into the Cloud River. Chopper wants to save him despite the Sky Sharks and jumps into the river. However, due to his devil power, he cannot swim. Shura also hits Pierre in the river with his spear. Due to the horse fruit, he can’t swim either. Since the river has a bottom, Shura doesn’t give them a chance to survive. Shura wonders if the Three Fugitives are already done for.

Upper Yard, Forest of the Lost: Satori rejoices. Luffy, Zoro, and Usopp lie stricken on the ground. The Floating Crow passes through the exit soon, they must reach the ship by then or they will perish in the forest. Luffy punches at Satori, but he dodges and uses the Ball Dragon. This involves stringing many balls together, which are directed by a leash attached to a stick. The balls are equipped with either explosives or blades. If you touch an explosive ball, the whole dragon explodes. Luffy runs away from the kite, jumps up a tree, and hangs onto the steering rope. He cuts the rope and holds the two ends in his hands. Satori pulls on the rope and Luffy is pulled towards him, dragging the dragon with him. They both fly towards Satori and there is a big explosion. Satori was able to dodge, Luffy grabbed onto his wings unnoticed. He thinks it was a close call, causing Satori to notice him. Luffy holds on to him.

Meanwhile, Usopp has climbed a tree and can see the exit. It has to be on the same level as the entrance, so the route doesn’t matter as long as you know where the exit is. Sanji sits on a cloud ball across from Satori and Luffy and orders Luffy not to let go of it. Sanji wants to know the meaning of the trials, but only thinks he’s playing along. Two women are waiting for his help, he calls it the “test of love”. Luffy has his arms and legs wrapped around Satori several times, immobilizing him, so his ability to anticipate the attack no longer helps him. He pleads for his life and warns them whoever doesn’t let the priests punish him commits a 1st degree crime. Sanji tells him to be quiet or the flavor will disappear. He wants to play pepper grinder. Pepper needs to be roughly chopped, he leaps towards Satori, spinning furiously. With concasser he kicks Satori on the head.

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