One Piece Chapter 249


Wapol’s Omnivorous Appetite, Part 12: Chomp Factory! Playing with garbage by the river. Wapol has made toys out of garbage. The dog that peed on him all the time now has a toaster head.


Upper Yard, Altar of Sacrifice: Fusa catches the hit Shura while Gan Fall launches the next attack. Shura calls him a criminal and opens the test of the cords.

Shandia’s village behind the clouds: Shandia Aisa, a little girl, jumps through a cloud. At the bottom, she comes out at a village of tents. She sneaks into the village, but is noticed by mantis. Aisa has been to Upper Yard to get Vearth. Mantis warns her not to go too far in, to which he receives a disrespectful response from Aisa. A meeting is taking place in a tent. Shandia Wyper, warrior of Shandora, is leading it. Laki, Braham, and Genbo attend. They have learned that Gan Fall is fighting in the Upper Yard, to Wyper this is not important. He quotes the great fighter Kalgara who once said, “Light the light of Shandora”. The Shandia do not accept Enel or Gan Fall as gods.

Laki tells of the rebellious angels on Angel Island who stood against Enel and were rescued by Gan Fall, who is now fighting the priests. Wyper doesn’t accept Gan Fall as an ally, and makes it clear to Laki that only her own path matters. Aisa sneaks to the tent, but is held back by Braham because Kalgara’s descendant Wyper is very upset, which Aisa finds creepier than God.

Upper Yard, Forest: Robin stands in front of a well, barely visible under tree roots, and wonders how he got there. Civilization Underestimated Nature. Zoro wants to find a cloud river, since they can’t get anywhere on foot. Meanwhile, Nami has climbed a tree and is looking at the surroundings with binoculars. She can see over the Upper Yard and makes a discovery. At the Altar of Sacrifice, Chopper watches the fight between Gan Fall and Shura, but it is too fast for him. Suddenly, Gan Fall’s body gets heavier until he can’t move. Shura tells him this is the test of the cords and rams his spear through Gan Fall’s torso. Pagaya and Conis decide to help the Straw Hat Pirates escape and figure out how to do it.

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