One Piece Chapter 248


Wapol’s Omnivorous Appetite, Part 11: Me Under the Bridge. Wapol is sitting under a bridge, eating garbage and feeling very sad. The dog is still peeing on him.


Gan Fall’s house: Conis, strumming on the harp, and Pagaya thank Gan Fall. They are in front of a small hut with a garden. Enel’s mantora can’t reach this far. Gan Fall wants to know how the harvest is on Angel Island, to which Pagaya replies very good. Gan Fall begins to tell about blue-earthers, so-called pirates, who are criminal seafarers and have hoisted skulls on their masts. Straw Hat, too, he says, is one. Whether they are criminals always depends on one’s perspective. Twenty years ago Gan Fall met a pirate who had come up. There was always unrest in Skypiea. An eternal battle between Celestials and the Shandia, and later the battle against God Enel. When Gan Fall was still god, he wanted to establish a peaceful coexistence with the Shandia, but was ousted by Enel just before it was accomplished. Legend has it that when the Upper Yard was formed, melodious voices filled the air and at the same time the war between Shandia and Celestials began. This war only ends when they hear the ‘voices of the island’. Pierre shouts loudly, whereupon Gan Fall with battle armor immediately flies off.

Upper Yard, Altar of Sacrifice: The mast of the Going Merry is on fire, so Chopper breaks it off and throws it into the river. Responsible for the fire is the priest of Skypiea, Shura the Skyrider with his giant bird Fusa. Shura also seems to be able to anticipate the movement of his opponent. Actually, priests are only allowed to fight on their turf, the altar belongs to no one. Here, anyone is allowed to attack once the others they’re trying to save are dead. If Luffy and co manage to get to the altar, everyone is free. However, due to Zoro, Nami and Robin’s trip into the forest, these rules no longer apply. As punishment for this sin, someone must pay with death. Chopper gets a spear rammed into his right shoulder when Gan Fall shows up and duels with Shura. They both stand on their birds while using spears. Gan Fall manages to get behind Shura and hits him with an Impact.

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