One Piece Chapter 247


Wapol’s omnivorous appetite, part 10: Me as the girl with the matches. Wapol has disguised himself as a girl, stands on the street and wants to sell matches. However, people stay away from him. A dog pees on him.


Upper Yard, Forest of the Lost: The Floating Crow continues on the Sky Road without Luffy, Sanji, and Usopp. Usopp and Sanji try to catch up to the ship while Luffy takes care of Satori. Luffy pulls himself up on a branch and hits Satori with a gum-gum gun. The latter stands on a ball of cloud and manages to dodge the blow, grabbing the stretched arm and hurling Luffy against a tree trunk so hard that his head gets stuck. Satori looks for the other two. Usopp has found the ship and directs Sanji to a tree from where he can jump onto the ship. Satori uses the surprise billiards and kicks a ball in their direction.

The ball flies past Usopp towards the climbing Sanji. Just before impact, it is deflected by two other balls and flies back, directly towards Usopp. Hanging on a branch, he releases it to avoid impact, but his nose touches the ball from which comes a small flower. Satori calls the ball a rivet. Usopp falls low, though. Luffy, meanwhile, has managed to break free and runs at Satori. He jumps off and uses the Gomu Gomu no Gatling, which Satori is able to dodge. In return, Luffy hits a lot of cloud balls, which are now flying wildly. Sanji has to dodge a spear ball and a ball crab. Usopp gets pecked sore by four birds from a ball each. The seat of Luffy’s pants is on fire, so he tries to jump into the Sky Road, where a Sky Shark is already waiting, but only gets the fire. Luffy falls through the Sky-Road and threatens to fall through the river below, but is able to grab onto a vine. He swings enthusiastically through the air.

Usopp has a new weapon, Tarzan. A trap line that is stowed in a waist belt and can be shot out. He shoots it onto a branch, targets the Floating Crow, and jumps off. Above the ship, he wants to release the rope, but has forgotten a mechanism for doing so. Both Luffy and Usopp swing through the air, screaming. After they get down, Sanji wants to abandon ship. He doesn’t get to explain the new plan as Satori applies an impact to Sanji’s stomach.

Review: The whistle received from the Knight of Heaven is attached to the mast of the The Going Merry. Only someone in need may use it. End Flashback. Chopper is alone on the The Going Merry and hangs the whistle around his neck. Suddenly there is a man on a bird in front of him who wants to kill him. Chopper blows the whistle.

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