One Piece Chapter 245


Wapol’s Omnivorous Appetite, Part 9: Lost, My Kingdom! Wapol is sitting on a garbage dump. He looks very sad and a dog pees on him.


Skypiea, Sky-Road: Luffy, Sanji and Usopp ride the Floating Crow towards Skypiea to rescue their sacrificed comrades. They spot a huge forest from a distance, which looks smaller on their map. The ship is much slower than the Waver due to its weight. They reach the entrance to the forest, which is lined with Vearth statues. The Sky-Road leads into the forest, where shipwrecks lie on the shore. With much difficulty, they are able to dodge a death pendulum, which is followed by others. The pendulums swing by just above the cloud’s surface. Escaping the pendulums, a large moray eel emerges, kicked away by Sanji. An imposing stone head on the sky road blocks the way. Ahead, the path forks through four gates. Above these are noted various trials: The Trial of Swamps, The Trial of Iron, The Trial of Cords, and The Trial of Balls. You must choose one path.

Upper Yard, group around Zoro: The latter fights a Sky Shark, which he defeats with a punch. The Going Merry is on a raised sacrificial altar surrounded by sea-clouds full of Sky Sharks in the middle of the forest. Chopper is to repair the ship while Zoro goes to find the god who wants to sacrifice her. Robin comes along as well. The altar is at least 1,000 years old, she hopes to get more information. When Nami hears about possible jewels, she comes along too. They swing to the other shore with vines. Chopper thinks the three are brave, venturing into the forest without a second thought, until he realizes he is all alone on the Going Merry, which frightens him greatly.

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