One Piece Chapter 244


Wapol’s Omnivorous Appetite, Part 8: I Flee in Tears. Wapol has escaped from the marines. They chase him across a beach, the sun setting in the background. Wapol is crying.


Skypiea, Lovely Street on Angel Island: Luffy, Sanji and Usopp stroll with Conis through the largest shopping street on Angel Island. Passersby move out of the way of the group. Luffy would like to go shopping, but has no money with him. He doesn’t worry about the rest of the crew being sacrificed, since Zoro is with them. In the middle of the street is a statue made of clay. Conis explains this is Vearth, to whom the sky dwellers pay homage. They continue on to the wharves. Commander McKinley, meanwhile, follows them, grinning.

Angel Island, harbour: There are some bigger gondolas at anchor, with a star like the Waver. Luffy is looking forward to the ride, but Conis gives them the much smaller Floating Crow. Luffy declines with thanks and wants to go with the big gondola. Conis reacts very nervously to this, while Sanji convinces Luffy to be more grateful. So they take the Floating Crow after all, they are told to take route 2, which leads to the widest Sky Road. Luffy asks Conis why she’s shaking all the time. Everyone but her is avoiding her, which makes her seem like an accomplice. Conis begins to explain. McKinley, who is in hiding, advises her in her mind not to tell. She tells them it is strange after all, to show them the way and accompany them. Angels warn her not to say anything wrong. Conis tells them to run, admitting she called the special Speedy Shrimp. If she hadn’t, she would have been killed herself. She is berated as a blasphemer by the angels.

It is the duty of angels to report criminals. Luffy, Zoro and Usopp are not angry with her, she had no choice. They yell at her that because of her confession, she is now being persecuted as well. Heaven’s punishment descends upon Conis. Luffy takes it and tries to escape the punishment, but can’t. It is only through the appearance of Gan Fall and Pierre that the two are saved. Gan Fall promises to protect Conis from Enel. The three Straw Hats board the Floating Crow and set off. Gan Fall flies through the clouds with Conis, who thinks everyone misses him and calls him a god.


  • Since Eiichiro Oda is a big wrestling fan, one can strongly assume that the name of the IWGP Cafe is a reference to the IWGP Heavyweight Championship (International Wrestling Grand Prix).
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