One Piece Chapter 243


Wapol’s Omnivorous Appetite, Part 7: Dalton, King of Sakura, the Cherry Blossom Empire. Dalton and many other people are shoveling snow. They all look very happy. The flag of Hiriluk flutters in the background.


Angel Island, Angel Beach: Nami is upset with Amazon for allowing them to enter without paying, which now makes them criminals. Conis and Pagaya can’t help them anymore. Luffy still wants to go to the Upper Yard, which Nami tries to talk him out of by telling him about what happened there. She wants to leave immediately. Luffy is shocked that her life is more important than adventure. To get back to the Blue Sea, they have to go back to the White Sea, where Clouds End is to the east. From there, they can get to the Blue Sea. Conis advises against escape, as it is futile. However, Nami has decided that they will leave. Luffy wants to take food with him and Usopp needs tools to repair the ship. Together with Sanji, they go to Pagaya’s house.

The rest of the crew is already going back to the Going Merry while Commander McKinley watches them. God and the priests have no need to pursue them, they’ll get to the Upper Yard on their own. Up at the house, Usopp gathers tools and Sanji composes the food like a work of art, which Luffy doesn’t appreciate since it mixes in his stomach anyway. Usopp hears Chopper and Nami screaming on the ship and calls the other two. The Going Merry has cast off and is backing away. The ship is carried away by the Star of the Snow White Sea Super-Express Speedy Shrimp. Zoro, Nami, Robin, and Chopper, who are still on the ship, cannot escape because they are being followed by sky dragons waiting for prey.

Pagaya’s house: Powerless, those left behind watch the hijacking. They ask where the ship is being taken. They say the lobster is a messenger from God and brings sacrifices to him, which he takes to the northeast from the Upper Yard to the altar of sacrifice. There are two types of punishments, the sacrifice and the trial. The Going Merry with the four straw hats are the victims. However, the punished are Usopp, Sanji, and Luffy, who must go through the trials to free the victims. On the old map of Skypiea, Pagaya shows them the way to the altar. They have to take a Dial ship through the Forest of Priests, the altar can only be reached via the Sky Roads. Luffy is looking forward to the adventure, but he is warned urgently about the priests and God Enel.

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