One Piece Chapter 242


Wapol’s Omnivorous Appetite, Part 6: How I Got Arrested. Wapol is tied up and being towed away by two marines. In the background you can see two very obviously angry people.


Angel Island, Angel Beach: The White Berets come down the beach towards Luffy, Pagaya and Conis. The rest of the Straw Hats wait on the ship, urging Luffy to hurry so they can rescue Nami quickly. Commander McKinley refers to them as the Seven Illegals since they didn’t pay at Heaven’s Gate. Amazon snapped photos of them as evidence. Illegal entry’ is an 11th degree felony. Pay 10 times the entrance fee and you can become a legal tourist though. That’s 100 billion extol per person, 700 billion total. 10,000 extol is 1 berry, so the Straw Hat Pirates has to pay 7 million berry to avert the penalty. Sanji doesn’t accept this and just wants to ignore the White Berets and go find Nami.

McKinley thinks they report directly to the priests when he sees Luffy’s broken waver and calls the damage a 10th degree crime. Since there are no Wavers in the Blue Sea, he doesn’t believe Luffy that it’s his. Theft is a 9th degree crime. Luffy is about to attack McKinley when Nami returns to stop him from causing trouble. Usopp asks if she really wants to pay 7 million berries as a fine. Nami runs McKinley over with the Waver, 7 million berry is too expensive. Shortly after, she regrets it and wants to escape to the ship with Luffy.

The bleeding McKinley sentences them to banishment to the clouds, as insulting a public official and resisting law enforcement are 5th degree felonies. Luffy thinks this is a nice punishment, until Conis tells him you’ll be put on a small cloud and float on it until you die. This is how ships end up falling out of the sky. They’ve been banished to clouds and eventually fall down, just like the galleon from Briss. The White Berets attack Luffy, shooting Dial-tipped arrows that drag a ribbon of cloud behind them. On this ribbon the soldiers skate and want to hit Luffy. The latter is able to dodge and jumps up. He uses his gum-gum fireworks, along with the now-appeared Zoro and Sanji, all the White Berets are defeated. Usopp refers to it as his Formation B.

The Straw Hat Pirates is down to 50,000 berries. Luffy, as captain, does not like this. McKinley warns them they are now 2nd degree criminals and thus a case for the priests of the Upper Yard. They will make short work of them.

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