One Piece Chapter 241


Color Spread: The Straw Hat Pirates sits on a cliff with a broken bridge leading off of it. Usopp draws a bird while Zoro is climbing up with luggage.


Skypiea, Pagaya’s House: Luffy asks about God and the ban on entering the Upper Yard. Conis tells him that the almighty god Enel rules there. Everyone realizes that Luffy wants to go there no matter what. Sanji wants to rescue Nami, Luffy also wants to look for her. Pagaya offers to take a look at the old waver, since he is a mechanic.

Upper Yard: Nami is still in front of the island and she hears voices when the terrorist from the White Sea appears behind her. On the island, one person is fleeing from three pursuers and a large dog. But the pursuers are also fighting among themselves for their prey. They are fighting near the shore when the terrorist shoots at the three with his bazooka. The fleeing person asks Nami for help. He will pay any price if she takes him. Suddenly, he is hit by an explosion. The terrorist blames Enel, but disappears shortly after. The pursuers put out the fire and talk while Nami hides and listens. Another person joins them and reports that Amazone has reported a ship with seven Blue Eaters that have traveled illegally to Skypiea.

Angel Island, Lovely Street: Commander McKinley of the Skypiea White Beret Police warns the populace of seven illegals who have entered from Angel Beach. Pagaya looks at the Waver at Angel Beach and thinks he needs to take it apart. From the grand staircase comes a troop of people shouting ‘Don’t move’.

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