One Piece Chapter 238


Wapol’s Omnivorous Appetite, Part 3: The Enlightenment. It is night and Wapol has apparently eaten a kerosene lamp, for he has one in his mouth. The animals that are around him are blinded by the light.


The attacker was put to flight. The knight explains they are on the White Sea at 7,000 meters, the air is very thin this high up, making them quickly become limp. There exists another higher level, the Snow White Sea at 10,000 meters. He refers to the Straw Hat Pirates as Blaumeerer, people from below. He himself is a mercenary and protects people from sky pirates.

He asks if they didn’t come from the top, from Highwest, and pass the islands. When he hears about the knock-up stream, he tells them they wouldn’t be complete on the other trails. Out of a hundred men, only a few survive there. If they choose the knock-up stream, the whole crew makes it or none. He gives them a whistle, one whistle costs five million in Sky currency Extol. When asked what Extol is, the knight looks astonished. They got the first save for free. As they leave, he introduces himself as Sky Knight Gan Fall. His bird’s name is Pierre. This one ate the horse fruit and became a Pegasus.

Some distance away they see some kind of waterfall and head for it. The direct path is obstructed by clouds floating on the Sky Ocean. The consistency of the clouds is similar to rubber. Luffy, Usopp and Chopper jump onto the cloud and from there explore the way for the Going Merry to reach the waterfall. In front of it is a gate labeled Heaven’s Gate. Amazon, keeper of Heaven’s Gate, snaps photos of the Straw Hat Pirates and asks about the purpose of their passage. If they want to get to the upper level, they each have to pay one billion extol. If they don’t have any money, however, they can just pass through. The ship is hugged by two lobster claws. The lobster express is in charge of transportation. Amazon sends a message to God Almighty and the priests. Seven invaders are entering Skypiea, to be brought before the Court of Heaven.

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