One Piece Chapter 237


Wapol’s Omnivorous Appetite, Part 2: I Ate a Tree. Wapol is seen growing a tree on his face. He seems happy because he’s grinning funny. He walks past a house that has Branch Factory on it, and there’s a man standing around in front of it with a wheelbarrow, looking pretty confused.


Grand Line, at Jaya: The Blackbeard gang sits on the wreckage of their destroyed ship. Blackbeard is amused by the escape of the Straw Hat Pirates and rules out a pursuit, saying they will meet again on the Grand Line. The Straw Hat Pirates has arrived on the King’s Cloud through the knock-up stream and is sailing on a huge white cloud, the Sky Ocean. The log port is still pointing up, they are only at the middle level. Usopp jumps into the cloud, but keeps falling down. Luffy extends his arm into the cloud, Robin uses Ojos Fleurs and creates eyes on Luffy’s hand and arm. At the bottom of the cloud, Usopp falls out and Robin sees him. Using Seis Fleurs, she grabs him and lets Luffy know to pull him up.

With Usopp, a giant octopus and a flat snake appear. Zoro cuts a tentacle, which bursts as a result, while Sanji kicks the snake away. There is also a fish in Usopp’s pants. Robin refers to them as Sky fishes reported by Noland. In order to be able to swim in the Sky Ocean despite their low buoyancy, they are either flat or hollow, their scales are also very light. Sanji prepares them, they taste fantastic Luffy thinks.

Chopper sees another ship and a person through binoculars. The ship suddenly explodes and the person comes towards the The Going Merry. It defeats Zoro, Luffy and Sanji with one kick each. As she is about to fire a bazooka at the The Going Merry, the self-proclaimed Knight of Heaven appears riding a bird and attacks the strange person with a spear.

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