One Piece Chapter 236


Wapol’s Omnivorous Appetite, Part 1: I Never Die. You see a forest with bite marks on tree trunks and stones.


Grand Line, south of Jaya: A Sea King is swept into the whirlpool off the The Going Merry. Luffy says goodbye to the gang of monkeys. Nami, Usopp and Chopper want to turn back, they are afraid of being swallowed by the whirlpool. It’s pitch black as the Going Merry is pulled into the heart of the whirlpool. Luffy tells the three not to be such cowards, it’s going to be a cool adventure. The Going Merry jumps over a water cliff and threatens to fall into the depths. Suddenly, however, the whirlpool and the hole are gone, but Nami notices the explosion building up.

The Blackbeard gang shows up and wants Luffy’s 100 million berry head. Luffy and Zoro, through telescopes, only now see their new bounty and rejoice. As Blackbeard’s ship approaches, the explosion begins, with the The Going Merry in the middle of it. A giant column of water shoots into the sky, destroying Blackbeard’s raft. Cricket watches from Jaya fuming at the column, which can be seen for miles. Shoujou and Masira wish them good luck.

The Going Merry rides up the outside of the knock-up stream. The previously sucked in sea king falls next to them again towards the sea. The ship threatens to tip backwards and so fall down as well. Nami orders sails to be set. A vertical current always includes a wind of the same direction. With it one can navigate. Once the sail is set, the Going Merry flies straight up again. Everyone is looking forward to the coming adventure in the clouds.

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