One Piece Chapter 235


Robin sits on a box in the savannah and grows a fifth leg on a dog.


Jaya, Cricket’s Hut: Everyone is waiting for Luffy, who is already 46 minutes late. Nami is very angry when he finally shows up, proudly presenting a Hercules Beetle. The Going Merry has been repaired and upgraded. She now has two wings, a rooster’s comb on her bow head, and a stern plumage made of wood. Luffy is thrilled at the idea that she can now fly. He gives Cricket back the gold and thanks the gang of monkeys for fixing her. Cricket gives the order to give everything for their new friends. Turning to Luffy, he says no one has been able to prove the existence of the golden city yet and even if they are laughed at for it, they are dreamers. Saying goodbye, he thanks them for the gold they retrieved. The Blackbeard gang sails on their raft in search of the Straw Hat Pirates. They want to finish them off before their trip to Sky Island.

Grand Line, south of Jaya: It’s 7 o’clock, they’re supposed to be at the knock-up stream at 11 o’clock. On the Going Merry they make fun of the Southbird’s habit of always looking south. According to Chopper, he wants to indicate the wrong direction, but doesn’t keep it up and looks south again. Three hours later, the King Cloud approaches from the southeast, earlier than expected. Shoujou sends his Utan Diver into the water to look for the knock-up stream. There’s a big current at 12 o’clock, a sea king at 9 o’clock, and waves against the current at 10 o’clock, a huge whirlpool. Masira immediately gives the order to turn the ship to 10 o’clock, as that is where the explosion will be.

The previously calm sea becomes increasingly rough. The log port points right at the cloud drifting above the whirlpool. The gang of monkeys hoists the The Going Merry into the path of a huge whirlpool. The straw hats’ reaction ranges from excitement to mortal fear.

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