One Piece Chapter 234


Usopp is diving in the sea next to a whale. He has a harpoon in his hand.


Mary Geoise: In the building, Mozambia tries to strangle Stainless, but says he can’t control himself. Vice Admiral Crane realizes that Flamingo is behind this and orders him to stop. But Flamingo continues to play with his devilish powers. He gets the Vice Admiral to draw his sword and attack the other with it. Only when Grand Admiral Sengoku enters the room and tells him to stop does Flamingo stop his actions. Donquixote Doflamingo and Bartholomew Kuma, two of The Seven Warlords of the Seas, are introduced.

Sengoku wants to start the meeting and adds that he is surprised because more of the samurai have come than he would have expected. Flamingo replies that he didn’t want to come either, but business on the island is too good. Shortly afterwards, Hawkeye also makes a surprise appearance. He says he is only here as a spectator because he wants to learn about the pirates who hunted down Crocodile.

Laffitte shows up and wants to join the conversation. Sengoku is surprised to see him come in. Crane recognizes Laffitte and informs the others that he was a sheriff in the Westblue, but was suspended for his brutality. Laffitte just says that this is the past and he’s here to put someone forward for Samurai of the Seas.

On Whitebeard’s ship is Rockstar, who hands Whitebeard a letter from Shanks, but Whitebeard tears it up without reading it. Rockstar panics and shouts that this letter is very important. Whitebeard replies that it must be about Ace and Blackbeard, and that if Shanks has anything to say, he should come and see him himself.

On a winter island, Shanks talks to Rockstar through a Den-den Mushi. Shanks wants him to come back to him. Shanks’ pirate gang now wants to pay Whitebeard a visit. The crew members are worried that the world government will intervene. Shanks just asks if they’re going to wet their pants now. Everyone is now excited to get into the fight.

On Mary Geoise, Laffitte explains that they are the Blackbeard Gang and those present should remember that name. In Mock Town, everyone is astonished that Bellamy has been defeated. Bigknife Sarquiss is very angry about this and complains that he has been bumped into by someone. This was Blackbeard, who also immediately rams Sarquiss into the ground. Blackbeard wants to catch Luffy so he can make a name for himself with the world government.

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