One Piece Chapter 231


Chopper rides a bull dressed as a cowboy.


Jaya, Forest: The separate groups fight their way through the forest, which is turned against them by the Southbird. Large devil worshippers attack Luffy and Chopper. Group 1 led by Sanji, Nami and Usopp must fight off giant ladybugs, and Zoro and Robin must also fight off hostile animals. Giant snails, fireflies, cockroaches and pigs are among them.

Jaya, Cricket’s hut: Bellamy holds the bird in his hands. An injured Cricket tells him he doesn’t deserve the bird. Sarquiss grins at this and attacks him. Masira gets in between and takes a wound to the back from Sarquiss’ attack Big Chop. Shoujou uses his Sonar Destroyer, but gets punched in the stomach by Bellamy’s Super Jump, which leaves him unconscious. Cricket remembers scenes from earlier with Masira and Shoujou. Bellamy advises him not to fall for all the stories, like the golden city one. However, Cricket doesn’t let a rookie like Bellamy tell him what it means to be a pirate.

The separate groups are back together and resting in a clearing. A Southbird lands on a branch above them and laughs at them because they will never get him. Robin grows two arms out of the Southbird and grabs him so he falls off the branch tied up. She just needs to see him for this. Back at Cricket’s hut, they find him and the two monkeys badly injured. The Going Merry has also taken damage, the bow broken off. Cricket apologizes for not preventing it. He doesn’t tell them what exactly happened. Nami notices the missing gold pieces, but Cricket makes it clear this is his business. If the gang of monkeys use all their strength, they can fix the Going Merry by sunrise. On a tree trunk is painted the mark of Bellamy. Luffy decides to run to town immediately and promises to be back by sunrise, which is in three hours. Cricket tries to stop him, but is held back by Zoro.


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