One Piece Chapter 230


Sanji is lying on the bed in a room, surrounded by three dogs and a fish.


Jaya, East Coast: The following is read from Noland’s log: “21.5.1122 – Arrival in Jaya. A strange birdcall is heard, and the ringing of a huge golden bell, resounding as if to tell of a golden age.” There follows a philosophical contemplation of human ignorance. The ringing of the bell showed them their mortality. Everyone in the cabin celebrates Noland after the log excerpt. Cricket pulls out one of three bell ingots. One ingot is used to weigh gold, which Robin takes as proof of the existence of a city. Another ingot represents a bird, as described by Noland in his logbook.

The birds are called Southbirds, Masira is about to describe a skill of theirs when Cricket gets loudly excited. You need to get into the forest immediately and capture a Southbird. The knock up stream will originate just south of Jaya’s cape. No compass works on the Grand Line, so you don’t know where the cardinal points are. Some animals have an internal magnet, but it’s even more extreme with the Southbird. He always knows the direction no matter where you put him. The gang of monkeys will fix the Going Merry while the Straw Hats search for the bird in the forest. They have until sunrise or they will have to forget about Sky-Island. They quickly hear a Southbird scream and form hunting teams.

Group 1: Sanji, Usopp, Nami. They follow the voice Usopp is trying to imitate to attract the bird. Nami has a tarantula on her back, which causes excitement. Only Usopp is not afraid and even plays with the spider. The other two are disgusted by it and shortly after by the rest of the insects before their eyes.

Group 2: Zoro and Robin. The former kills a giant centipede, which Robin disapproves of. He warns her that he still doesn’t trust her. Due to Zoro’s lack of sense of direction, Robin takes the lead.

Group 3: Luffy and Chopper. Luffy is very happy when he finds an Atlas beetle. However, Chopper calls it a rhinoceros beetle and asks him if the beetle is more important to him than the One Piece, which Luffy finds to be a difficult question. They discover a bird. In pursuit, it drops two wasp nests on them. Chopper translates the bird’s screech. He kills anyone who lays waste to the forest.

East Coast, Cricket’s hut: Bellamy has arrived with his gang and wants to get the gold. He taunts Cricket and looks forward to the fight, as Masira and Shoujou also want to fight.

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