One Piece Chapter 226


Color Spread. Nami, Robin and Chopper are sitting in a bar.


Jaya, Mock Town: Luffy, Zoro and Nami return to the The Going Merry. While being doctored by Chopper, they tell what happened. Nami is angry because they didn’t fight back. When asked about Sky-Island, she makes it clear that the subject will not be brought up again. Robin comes back, she was buying stuff and asked around. Nami yells at her, she started about Sky-Islands and it’s her turn if they don’t exist. Robin has a map of Jaya. To the west of the island is Mock Town, to the east is a cross where Jaya’s Outcast is supposed to live, a person named Mont Blanc Cricket who was expelled for his wild stories.

Jaya, Mouth Bay: A ship is anchored and has divers on the seabed connected to the ship by hoses. Someone gives the order to use ultrasonic search sonar, whereupon a person calls into a microphone. The divers call themselves Utan Divers and pick up sonic reflections. Number 27 reports a school of fish at 9 o’clock. Utan Diver number 4 reports a small sailing vessel approaching from 12 o’clock. The Utan Divers are called back aboard, the The Going Merry is the approaching vessel. The Straw Hat Pirates finds that they are encountering monkeys again. Usopp tells them they saw Masira in Jaya, who has returned.

Seabed explorer Shoujou, big boss of the orangutan pirate gang, bounty 36,000,000 berry, introduces himself. His crew reacts aggressively to Luffy’s observation that their captain is fat. Shoujou tells him he’s nervous because a samurai of the seas has fallen and he has to take his place. He thinks he’s so great because he hasn’t been to the barber in 25 years. Luffy feels this is stupid, whereupon he is warned by Shoujou not to tease him. He says that passing through will cost him duty, as it is his turf. The word precinct reminds Usopp of Masira, who spoke the same way. Shoujou wants to know if they know Masira, to which Luffy succinctly replies they kicked him away. Shoujou gets angry, calling Masira his brother and demanding revenge. He picks up the microphone and uses the Ultrasonic Destroyer. This causes the parts of the Going Merry that were just repaired to break again. The Straw Hat Pirates flees from the voice.

Jaya, Mock Town: In a bar, people are talking about Robin, who wanted to know where she could find Cricket. Since no one wants to tell her anything, she plays around with her devil fruit until she gets the information. Cricket lives in the territory of the monkey brothers and Robin probably wants his gold, of which Cricket is said to possess a lot. Bellamy, who is also in the bar with Sarquiss, asks about the gold. With a grin on his face, he says he would like to meet Cricket too.

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