One Piece Chapter 225


Hatchan’s sea walk, part 38: He always wanted to be a pie seller!


Bellamy tells Luffy and Zoro that they are too stupid and cowardly to fight, spits sake on them, and orders his gang to throw them out. After this happens, Bigknife wants to buy Cirkie’s Nami for the gang, but she says she’s too bad for a gang of idiots. She is then laughed at loudly and Bellamy advises her and the boys to run away if they want to stay alive.

Out on the street, the man Luffy tried to mess with in the bar sits and tells Nami that the guys were good and she’s tough. Luffy and Zoro get back up and the man goes on about how the attitude of Bellamy and his gang is complete. bullshitthat pirates will always dream. He wishes them good luck getting to Sky Island and leaves.

Luffy and Zoro go back to the The Going Merry, but Nami tries to stop them, saying that the guy knows something about the Sky Island. But Luffy wants to find someone else.

On the The Going Merry, Usopp is making repairs with Chopper’s help. Sanji thinks they should just buy a new ship, but Usopp is totally indignant about that. Suddenly, chants of“Get it up!„…

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