One Piece Chapter 224


Octas Ocean Walk, Part 37: Sunset, Baby…


You can see the forecourt of the bar where Bellamy killed Roshio. Because of the immense destruction, passers-by assume that Bellamy has devilish powers.

At the Wild Cherry bar, Bellamy approaches Luffy and buys him the most expensive drink Terry has to offer. Meanwhile, Bigknife Sarquiss and the rest of Bellamy’s pirate gang clear seats in the bar by simply killing the patrons who sit on them. Frightened out of their wits, the remaining patrons decide to just keep drinking so the attention doesn’t fall on them.

Terry sets out the drinks Luffy and Bellamy ordered. Before Zoro or Nami can intervene, Luffy starts to drink. At that moment, Bellamy rams Luffy’s head onto the counter, shattering it.
As a result, Luffy and Zoro, who Bellamy doesn’t take seriously, want a fight, but it would only be a test for the pirate captain. But Nami only reminds them of the oath again, whereupon Luffy and Zoro pause.

Nami asks Terry how to get to the sky islands, but is laughed at by all the patrons of the bar. Bellamy also laughs and asks if they would actually believe in such fairy tales. He also gives a logical explanation as to why ships sometimes fall from the sky: Because of the knock-up streams that catapult the ships into the sky. He then lets it slip that he wanted Luffy to join his gang, but since he thinks he’s a dreamerhe wants no part of him. Bellamy gives Luffy a sermon about only collecting the treasures that are right in front of you. He then attacks Luffy with a bottle and laughs at his ridiculous bounty of “30 mil”.

Nami allows Zoro and Luffy to fight after all, but the Straw Hat holds both himself and Zoro back, saying that this fight will probably go without them.

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