One Piece Chapter 223


Hatchan’s Sea Walk, Part 36, The Mayor Takes What He Wants…


Luffy and Zoro set out to get information about the Sky Islands in Mocktown. However, Nami assumes that the two will get into trouble, so she runs after them.
Now Sanji also wants to go with them to the city, but is stopped by Chopper and Usopp, as they are afraid for themselves and the ship. Robin has disappeared.

Nami makes Luffy swear that he won’t fight with anyone. This oath also applies to Zoro.
Shortly after, they meet an elderly man who falls off his horse. The latter asks them to help him back onto the horse, as he is far too weak to do so. After Luffy and Zoro do this, the man offers them apples. Luffy immediately gobbles one down. Suddenly, something explodes nearby and people are heard saying that they were people who exploded. They were also eating apples like Luffy. Nami, panicked, tries to force Luffy to spit the apple back out, but it’s already swallowed. However, the old man says that if Luffy had caught the wrong apple, he would have been dead long ago.

Shortly after, they see the man who finished off a member from the Roshio pirate gang standing on a rooftop and roaring towards the sky. Luffy and Zoro want to take him on, but because of the oath they took, Nami is able to hold them back.

The three arrive at a hotel, but a clerk asks them to leave the premises, as the entire hotel is rented by the Bellamy Pirates.
Before they can leave, however, Bigknife Sarquiss, Bounty: 38,000,000 Berry and Lilli of Bellamy’s gang appear and scare away Luffy, Zoro and Nami.
Rivers, also a member of the Bellamy gang, then tells Bigknife Sarquiss that Luffy has a bounty of 30,000,000 berry, so he was lucky that Luffy didn’t attack him. Bigknife Sarquiss still thinks Luffy is a wimp, but he still wants to show Bellamy Luffy’s wanted poster.

In a bar, Zoro and Nami talk to the innkeeper and learn that the log port will recharge within four days, so they only have four days to find out about the Sky Islands.

Meanwhile, Luffy sits next to Zoro and a stranger. Luffy and the stranger get into an argument because they disagree about the taste of Terry the host’s cherry pie and drinks. As such, they also get into a contest over who orders more pie and steaks to go, respectively. Luffy then wants to take on the stranger, but Nami again holds him back. Terry then gives the stranger 50 pieces of cake and sends him away.

Bellamy comes into the pub and asks for a guy in a straw hat.


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