One Piece Chapter 222


Hatchan’s sea walk, part 35: The mayor wants some too.


Nami accuses the boys (Luffy, Zoro and Sanji) of bringing back nothing but junk from their dive, and that all this won’t help them up there. They defend themselves by saying that nothing else has been down there. Sanji notes that either the ship was attacked or that the crew must have mutinied.

Robin shows Nami, who rushes off in a rage, an Eternal Port she stole from the gorilla. The Eternal Port shows the way to Jaya. Luffy immediately wants to set course there, but Usopp notes that if he does, the log port will lose its setting to the Sky Islands. After some back and forth, Luffy decides to travel to Jaya anyway.

While driving, Chopper notices that Jaya must be a spring island since it is so warm. Suddenly, several dead seagulls fall from the sky. After a brief investigation, Chopper realizes that someone shot the birds from the sky, yet there is no island in sight.

Scene change to Jaya’s west coast: A man with a rifle is seen sitting on the roof of a house. By all appearances, he has shot the seagulls that have come aboard the The Going Merry.

After the Straw Hat Pirates arrives on Jaya, you learn that there are a lot of crooks on Jaya and that there is always a party going on somewhere. Or an assassination. The town where the Straw Hat Pirates drops anchor is called Mocktown.

You see again another man who seems to have won a fight. In front of him lies a motionless figure. The man thinks he is the strongest. Passers-by think that the man’s victim is one of the Roshio pirate gang.

In a bar, the captain of the Roshio gang, Roshio the Executioner, bounty: 42,000,000 berry, is seen winning against Bellamy the Hyena, captain of the Bellamy Pirates, bounty: 55,000,000 berry, while playing cards. Bellamy immediately accuses Roshio of cheating, and together with his vice Bigknife Sarquiss, they attack and eventually kill Roshio.


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