One Piece Chapter 220


Hatchan’s Sea Walk, Part 34: Hatchanpako smells the pie. Hatchanpako is seen pointing at Hatchan, who then gets an amorous look on his face. However, Hatchanpako thinks, “pie=YES – Hatchan=NO”. Camie and Pappag, who were playing with a ball in the water, look worried.


Grand Line: The Going Merry lies off Masira’s ship while Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji have dived to the wreck. Masira is nervous by the presence of the Straw Hat Pirates, while they try not to let on that they already have divers down. Masira sends a diver to the wreck. Meanwhile, Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji investigate the wreck. Luffy finds some sort of device, Zoro finds a sword, but it’s already rusted. Sanji discovers a skull and suit pierced with lances, as well as a painting hit by an arrow. Once inside the ship, the cradle is rammed into it. The recovery maneuver of Masira’s diver has been initiated.

Luffy and the other two ask upstairs what it is. Nami and Usopp immediately cover the communication tubes so that Masira doesn’t get suspicious. The latter hears something, though, so Usopp quickly asks what the monkey on the bow of the ship is for. This is the Parkohunter and is lowered into the water. Clamps are attached to the hands, which dock with the cradle. Air can now be blown down through a cable. Masira blows into the cable and over the cradle the air reaches the inside of the ship. In addition, a winch is turned on Masira’s ship, which pulls up the sunken ship. The divers report that there is someone inside the ship until suddenly there is radio silence.

Masira is furious. He gives the order to continue the rescue and jumps into the water. While diving, he is attacked by a sea serpent, but knocks it unconscious with a Monkey Punch. He notices the ship slowly coming towards him. Meanwhile, Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji have stripped the diving barrels, as air has built up in the ship due to the salvage, when suddenly an enraged Masira comes crashing through a wall. Fortunately, however, he immediately gets along very well with Luffy and they talk.

Suddenly a huge turtle appears and swallows the ship in its mouth, which is only held up by the lines.

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