One Piece Chapter 219


Hatchan’s Sea Walk Part 33 – With the last pie, he wants to propose to Hatchanpako! Hatchan thinks of Hatchanpako with a grin, holding a package of pies in his hand. In the background, Camie and Pappag sit exhausted on the ground.


Robin explains to the crew that Sky Island is not a simple island in the sky, but more like a flying sea. Luffy is thrilled by the idea and immediately gives the order to put the helmet vertically upwards, which is why Robin covers his mouth with her devil powers. Nami, on the other hand, is a bit more skeptical of this. She thinks it’s impossible for an island to exist in the sky, and that the log port might be broken. But Robin contradicts her, saying the log port is always right. Wherever it points, there will be an island.

Meanwhile, Usopp and Luffy have recovered a crate from the crashed ship. When Robin opens it on the The Going Merry, they discover a corpse with a hole in the top of its skull. Chopper explains to the others that this is how they used to try to cure brain tumors. However, the method is very old, so the person must have been dead for about 200 years. He probably died at the age of 30 during a journey. His teeth are still completely preserved because they were painted with tar, a custom that was used in the Southblue.

Robin finds records showing that the ship is an expedition ship named St. Briss from the Kingdom of Briss that went on an exploration 208 years ago. Meanwhile, Luffy, who is on the sinking ship, has found a map there that shows a Sky Island named Skypiea. Nami can’t believe that there really is supposed to be an island in the sky.

Luffy wants to head there immediately, but Nami makes it clear to him that she has no idea how to get there. Since she is the navigator of the gang, he thinks she should figure something out.

To get more information, Nami wants to salvage the ship. She believes that it should be possible for the The Going Merry to reach the sky if even the St. Briss made it. However, since the St. Briss is too big for the Straw Hats to salvage, Zoro, Sanji, and Luffy are sent down to the sunken ship in diving suits.

While Luffy, Sanji and Zoro are on their way to the sunken ship, another ship appears next to the Straw Hats, whose crew is also targeting the previously crashed one. This is the Masira Pirates with their Captain Masira, who has a bounty of 23,000,000 on his head. He claims that this is his sea territory and therefore all the sunken ships belong to him. Fortunately, he hasn’t noticed the three submerged Straw Hats yet, so Nami asks him if they can watch the salvage, to which Masira replies in the affirmative. However, the divers Masira sends down come back to the surface beat up, so the captain warns the Straw Hats about something in the depths. He then orders his crew to get the cradle in place and get everything ready for a recovery.

Meanwhile, Luffy, Zoro and Sanji have reached the wreck.

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