One Piece Chapter 218


Hatchan’s Sea Walk, Part 32: Opening of the First Pie Shop Hatchan, Camie, and Pappag are seen preparing pies for the hungry locals at a pie store.


Review, Arabasta – Mausoleum: Miss Bloody Sunday gives Kobra an antidote for Luffy. Kobra asks her why she lied to Crocodile. The poneglyph doesn’t say the history of the land, but how the weapon works and where it is. Robin responds by saying that she doesn’t care about the land and never wanted to help Crocodile in that regard. She seeks the Rio Poneglyph, the only poneglyph that contains the true story. She has been searching for it for 20 years, but now she wants to give up, since there is no hope for her anyway. The antiserum-treated Luffy picks them up and carries them out of the collapsing building. Although Miss Bloody Sunday wanted to end her life in the mausoleum, Luffy carries her out with him, since he doesn’t care what she wants and is only doing what he wants.

Present, The Going Merry: Since Luffy is to blame for Nico Robin’s survival and she now needs a new target, she wants to join the Straw Hat Pirates. Despite the objections of the others, the Straw Hat Boy promptly agrees.

Robin sits at a table with Usopp and tells him that she became an archaeologist at the age of eight, but since then she has been living underground on the run from the world government and has a special talent for assassinations, which of course scares the long-nose. He wants to tell Luffy that the woman is too dangerous for the gang. However, both the captain and Chopper are entertained by Robin with her devilish power and therefore don’t listen to him. Nami, on the other hand, warns them not to make a mistake, as she would be out of the crew immediately. However, just the mention of Crocodile’s jewels make Nami forget everything. Sanji is smitten with Robin and serves her food. The skeptical Usopp is won over by a parody of Chopper by Luffy, where Robin uses her hands as antlers. Only Zoro remains skeptical.

The gang sails on when suddenly a huge ship falls from the sky. The crew has their hands full trying to escape the resulting turbulence. Besides parts of the ship, bones and skulls also fall down. When everything has calmed down again, Nami notices that the log port is broken. The pointer suddenly points up. Robin contradicts her, it must be due to a different magnetic field. If the log port is pointing up, it can only mean that their next destination is Sky Island.

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