One Piece Chapter 217


Hatchan’s Sea Walk, Part 31: Save the Catfish Village! He trades the treasures for cooking utensils! After Hatchan trades the treasures for cooking utensils, he sets off again with a big, packed cart.


From her ship, Hina makes a phone call to Smoker. Meanwhile, she is attacked, but is able to incapacitate the attacker thanks to her bondage devil power, which Jango and Fullbody are thrilled about. When asked by Smoker who she’s mad at, she replies that she’s mad at the former and asks him if he’s not kind of glad that Luffy got away, to which the captain reacts in great shock.

Meanwhile in Arabasta, the citizens are pleased with Vivi’s strange speech and want to celebrate it and rebuild Arabasta’s cities. Meanwhile, in Arbana, King Kobra tells a few life stories and the people cheer. Chaka is at the cemetery and says that he doesn’t believe Pell is dead, and then leaves. Meanwhile, the navy is still pursuing the Straw Hat Pirates, which is already far away. You now see a small doctor’s office and learn that Pell is still alive, but still recovering from his injuries. Smoker and Tashigi are aboard a navy ship, talking about the bounties of Luffy and Zoro. Hereupon, they decide to continue pursuing the gang in order to eventually apprehend them.

Scene change to the Straw Hat Pirates: All gang members except Zoro are crying because Vivi didn’t come along. When asked why they didn’t just force her to come along, the swordsman is berated from all sides, whereupon he wonders what he’s doing here. You can see the silhouette of a person, who realizes that they are finally on the high seas. All the Straw Hats except Luffy and Sanji are shocked when the woman reveals herself to be Nico Robin. The chef is instantly smitten again. The intruder knocks the weapons out of Zoro and Nami’s hands thanks to his devilish strength. “Miss Navigator” immediately goes on a rampage when she realizes that Robin has borrowed some of her clothes and demands that she take them off immediately. But she disobeys, instead making herself comfortable on a chair and immediately shocks the crew again by announcing that she wants to join the gang.

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