One Piece Chapter 216


Hatchan’s sea walk, part 30: Hatchan runs away
Hatchan is seen making off with the treasures. He has an angry look on his face as he does so. Camie and Pappag look after him, startled. In the background, Mash is now lying next to the sad inhabitants of the town.


Review Arabasta: Igaram tells Vivi about a secret organization that threatens the country. Further outside investigation becomes difficult, causing one to sneak into the organization. Vivi wants to help him.

Present day, Arbana, ceremonial speech: A large crowd has gathered in front of the palace, awaiting the speech of Princess Vivi, who enters the gallery. The Straw Hat Pirates is engaged in fierce battles with the Navy at sea. Vivi begins her speech. She tells of her journey. A journey in which she often lost almost all hope, but always found new ones. She traveled to distant islands and had to realize that the sea can be both kind and cruel, but equally it gave her the most important thing in life: a ship full of friends who always protected her and helped her, and in the end they defeated seemingly invincible enemies. Though some may think them a rumor, Vivi would like to thank them.

Arabasta, East Port: On the Going Merry they hear the speech and think Vivi is in Arbana. Everyone is disappointed and sad. At Arbana, the princess in the gallery turns out to be Igaram in disguise, and at the East Port, Vivi calls over to the Straw Hat Pirates from the shore. The navy approaches, but Luffy immediately wants to set sail for the shore to collect Vivi. The latter picks up the microphone and tells them she won’t be coming along. It is broadcast all over the country. She would have liked to continue with them, but she loves her country, which needs her now. But when they meet again, Vivi wants to know if she will still be one of them. Nami prevents Luffy from answering because the Navy is listening and so would know Vivi is involved with pirates. Silently, the six say goodbye to Vivi with their backs turned and their left arms raised with the cross on their forearms that will always be their sign.


  • In Weekly Shōnen Jump #39/2021, the chapter was redrawn by Naoshi Komi (note: needs link) as part of the One Piece Cover Comic Project.
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