One Piece Chapter 214


Hatchan’s sea walk, part 28: The wreck has ruined everything
A shipwreck has crashed into an underwater town. Hatchanpako laughs at the misfortune of the inhabitants, who stare at her plaintively.


Arabasta, Arbana, Royal Palace: Igaram arrives at the Straw Hat Pirates’s room to warn them because new bounties have appeared for Luffy and Zoro, but finds only Vivi left in the room, who informs him that Luffy and the rest have already left.

Arabasta, port of Nanohana: The two navy corporals Fullbody Ironfist and Jango the Defector have captured a pirate ship and are now bringing it to their captain Hina Blackcage. She is waiting at the harbor and one of her soldiers reports that 30 of her ships have sealed off all of Arabasta’s harbors. But they have lost track of Strohhut’s ship, which was spotted in Elumalu. Although they monitor all of Sandora, they cannot find it.

Arabasta, Desert: With the racing duck corps, the Straw Hat Pirates rides to the Sandora River. In Arbana, Igaram wants to send Karoo to the Straw Hat Pirates to warn them, but is stopped by Vivi because it would make no difference to the gang. She herself is told to rest for the speech to the people the next day.

Flashback a few hours earlier: The Straw Hats are still at the palace and receive a call via Den-den Mushi from Mr. 2 telling them they have their ship, the The Going Merry. He is waiting for them at the Sandora. The crew wants to leave, and if Mr. 2 gives them trouble, they’ll just defeat him again. Nami tells Vivi that they will be at Arabasta’s East Port in twelve hours. If she wants to travel on with them, she needs to be there at that time. In bed, Vivi considers that it will take her four hours to get from Arbana to the eastern port and that she must leave with Karoo no later than eight o’clock to arrive on time. She is still undecided whether to leave Arabasta or not.

The Straw Hats have arrived at the Sandora on the The Going Merry and are greeted by Mr. 2, who they ignore. Only when he explains to them that the ship would have been seized by the Navy if he hadn’t hijacked it, is he able to get Luffy, Usopp and Chopper on his side. Because he did it because they are friends. Zoro knows that even Mr. 2 can’t easily escape Arabasta and needs them, but Luffy doesn’t care, all that matters to him is friendship. Mr. 2’s ship, the Swanda Express, also arrives with his men. Hina is told that Strohhut’s ship has been spotted at Sandora. Everyone is told to get ready for battle.

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