One Piece Chapter 211


Hatchan pulls a giant squid, which has treasures on its back and the pot of the best sauce in the world. Camie and Pappag swim after it.


The rebels insist that the war is still not over because, after all, what King Cobra and his army did is unforgivable!

General Chaka intervenes in the action and orders Kobra’s army to lay down their arms.

Now Igaram also interferes, which everyone is very surprised about, as they actually believed that he was dead. He carries Kappa in his arms. He then explains to those present that it was all a trap, the attack on Nanohana, King Kobra as well as the attacks on himself. Finally, Igaram begins to explain what happened after everyone has dropped their weapons.

Scene Change: Vivi is seen rushing out of the palace. She questions to determine where her friends are and then notices the Straw Hats, who are on their way to rescue Luffy, but luckily realize that Kobra has already taken him. Kobra asks who they are, to which Sanji approaches him and wants to take the person on his back, since he’s a friend of theirs. From this, Kobra deduces that they are the pirates who brought Vivi back. Vivi screams for the Straw Hats and her daddy. Sanji is totally surprised and just sputters at Kobra if he really is Vivi’s father, whereas Zoro calmly asks him if he is King Kobra then.

Kobra briefly talks about what all Luffy has done, but is interrupted by Zoro as he tells him and Vivi to go back to the crowd as it wouldn’t really seem like an end to it all without the King and Princess. Luffy’s crew points out to Vivi right before she leaves that they’re pirates and want nothing to do with any of this. Besides, they’d like to rest from the fighting now. Shortly after, as Vivi and her father are already heading back to the square in front of the palace, they all collapse from exhaustion.

Tashigi receives a message that gives her the right to strip Crocodile of the rank of Samurai of the Seas and then arrest him.

Kobra is then heard explaining to those present that while time cannot be turned back and events undone, all will be forgiven and they will all find a way to live on in peace and normalcy. In response, everyone, whether rebel or member of the Royal Guard, shouts that they will rebuild the Kingdom of Arabasta.

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