One Piece Chapter 208


Hatchan’s Sea Walk, Part 23: Hatchan Punch
Hatchan punches through the macro fish people’s ship, sinking it. The dolphin now has a very derailed expression on its face.


Arabasta, Arbana, Bell Tower: Vivi stands in front of the bomb that is about to go off by a timer, remembering Crocodile’s taunting words that she will not save her country with her ideals. On the ground, the Straw Hats curse that the bomb will go off now after all. One person stands behind Vivi.

Mausoleum: Completely exhausted, Luffy stands up again and confronts Crocodile, making it clear that he will not lose and that he will become Pirate King. Enraged, Crocodile goes to poison him again with his poison hook, but Luffy deftly dodges it and is able to put his foot on the hook’s mount and ram it to the ground. The hook breaks off. At the bell tower, Pell stands behind Vivi. The bell tower is the old hideout of the desert kids, who were often reckless in the past.

Flashback: Once Vivi wanted to build firecrackers for Pell’s birthday and went to the munitions depot for it, where she was lucky to survive an explosion. Pell beat her for it and Kobra let him. Forcefully, Pell explains that she could have died. To make it up to her, Pell allows Vivi to fly on his back. She wants to know from him what he is practicing fighting for. They practice to be able to protect the land.

Bell Tower, Present: Pell would give his life for Arabasta. He transforms into a falcon, pulls the bomb from the bell tower, and flies up into the sky. He, Arabasta’s patron god, the falcon, will protect the land from any enemy. The bomb detonates high in the sky in a great explosion.

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