One Piece Chapter 207


Hatchan’s sea walk, part 22: Makro the mermaid trader.
You can see the ship of the Makro pirate gang. It is powered by two paddle wheels and is equipped with an aquarium containing Camie. A dolphin looks at the ship anxiously.


Arabasta, Arbana, Mausoleum: Crocodile laughs at Luffy after he promises to do anything to help Vivi. Luffy collapses, weakened by the scorpion venom. Crocodile now believes he has finally won and continues to taunt Luffy.

Bell Tower: Six seconds to go before the cannon fires. Zoro hurls Chopper and Vivi further up, at the same moment Mr. 7 and Miss Valentine fire their pistols, hitting the falling Zoro with their exploding ammunition. With five seconds left, the two agents fire at Chopper, who is able to dodge the bullets by transforming into his human-reindeer form. Before that, he threw Vivi further up. Three more seconds and Vivi comes flying at the bell tower from above. Using the Peacock Slasher, she takes out the two agents and quickly extinguishes the fuse on the cannon a second before it expires. Crocodile cheers in the mausoleum and flashes of memories from her childhood come to Vivi. She kneels in front of the bomb, exhausted, and hears a ticking sound. Downstairs, all the Straw Hats are back together, waiting for Vivi to let them know.

In the mausoleum, Crocodile Kobra explains that the bomb will go off in any case because it also has a timer. Vivi has also understood this and shouts it to her friends on the ground.

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