One Piece Chapter 206


Hatchan’s Sea Walk, Part 21: The Hideout
Pappag is seen directing Hatchan to the macro fish people’s hideout.


Arabasta, Arbana: The battle between the rebels and the army continues unabated. Lieutenant Tashigi defeats some Baroque agents with her sword and impresses upon her people not to be fooled. At the bell tower, the clock has opened and behind it is a large cannon guarded by Mr. 7 and Miss Valentine. The cannon is to be fired into the center of the battle.

Mausoleum: Luffy continues to punch Crocodile, who can dodge normal punches, including the gum-gum punching ball. Crocodile is confident of victory, having only to wait for the scorpion venom to take effect. He’s surprised Luffy can stand at all.

Bell Tower: 15 seconds left before the cannon is fired. Nami has Usopp positioned in front of the building with Chopper and Vivi on his back. 13 seconds left, Nami fires a Cyclone with her climatic clock stick, hitting Usopp’s genitals squarely and catapulting the three of them up. Chopper is told to jump off, Sanji understands what Nami is trying to accomplish and jumps out the window. Chopper stands on Sanji’s leg and is flung further up by him to Zoro. He too jumps off the building and carries Chopper, who is still carrying Vivi, to stand on the back of the sword. However, they are noticed by Mr. 7 and Miss Valentine.

Mausoleum: Crocodile wants Luffy to give up because he lost anyway due to the poison. He doesn’t even think about it because the only way he can protect Vivi is by putting his life on the line. As long as Vivi doesn’t give up her land, they’ll help her.

Bell Tower: The two agents have targeted Zoro, Chopper, and Vivi, with only seven seconds left before the cannon fires.

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