One Piece Chapter 205


Hatchan’s Sea Walk, Part 20: Hatchan Has Been Framed!
You can see Hatchan, who has defeated Mash and is now foaming with rage, tearing off his bandages, which he still wears from the injuries caused by Zoro’s attacks.


Arabasta, Arbana: Usopp and Vivi walk through the city to the bomb’s suspected hiding place, passing the fighting between rebels and royal troops. Vivi sees people going down, but Usopp reminds her that the bomb will cause more casualties if they don’t stop the explosion. There are two minutes left until detonation. They run into Chopper and Nami. According to Vivi, the bomb must be in an enclosed space and the only place she knows is the clock tower they are in front of. Pell also flies towards the clock tower and searches for Vivi on the ground when he is suddenly shot and falls to the ground hit.

Arbana, Mausoleum: Luffy fights Crocodile, who tries to hit his opponent with his poison hook. Luffy has to quickly pull back a Gomu Gomu no Pistol to avoid being poisoned. He feints a gum-gum bullet, but stops the attack at the last moment and goes to catch Crocodile with a kick, but Crocodile is able to dodge and now lunges with his poison hook. Luffy is able to pull away, so the hook only hits the wall. Crocodile grins, convinced of his advantage. The mausoleum continues to break apart. Luffy can’t properly dodge the following attack, and is hit in the shoulder by the poison hook. He is able to wrap himself around the arm with the hook and give Crocodile a kick, but he is now sure he has won, his poison running through Luffy’s veins. Kobra is amazed at Luffy holding his own against Crocodile.

Clock Tower: One minute to detonation. Vivi had hoped to get up to the clock tower with Pell, but there is no sign of him. In a window of the building, Sanji appears and calls down. Even further up on the roof, Zoro appears, but he can’t get into the clock tower from there, and if he cuts a hole, it might detonate the bomb. Nami has an idea as the clock tower’s dial opens to reveal a large cannon inside. In front of her, two Baroque agents, Mr. 7 and Miss Father’s Day, guard the cannon, which will be fired in 30 seconds.

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