One Piece Chapter 204


Hatchan’s sea walk, part 19: No treasure, only the giant Mash!
In the place where the map says the treasure should be, there is only Mash, a giant squid. Hatchan is puzzled.


Arabasta, Arbana: Luffy runs through the collapsing mausoleum in search of Crocodile. Meanwhile, in the city, Vivi is sure she knows the location of the bomb. Usopp wants to leave a message for the rest of the crew at the spot where he fired the Red Snake, while Vivi is already running ahead. However, she suddenly finds herself in the way of Baroque agents who want to stop her. The rest of the Straw Hat gang makes their way to Usopp’s signal, who is able to distract the agents with his ghastly squealing terror long enough to escape with Vivi. The Billions take up pursuit.

Mausoleum: Luffy has reached the room with the Poneglyph and is facing Crocodile. Crocodile can’t believe that Luffy is still alive. Luffy demands the land back from Crocodile, who only laughs at this because he is the new ruler of Arabasta. Luffy remembers Vivi’s tales of home as it once was. If it was still her land, she wouldn’t need to cry. Luffy charges at Crocodile, who feels safe because Luffy has no water on him. With one kick, however, he goes down hard. Not yet back on his feet, Luffy is already in front of him and gives him a direct hit with his fist to the face. Luffy was able to hit him through his blood running down his body from the injuries. Crocodile is only slightly impressed by this and he now wants to fight like a real pirate. He dodges another kick from Luffy and pulls off the hook, under which a second smaller hook appears, soaked in poison. He wants to end this once and for all. The mausoleum soon collapses and it’s only who survives that counts.

Zoro runs through an alley towards marines. He wants to draw his sword and is annoyed by the delay that a fight brings. But the marines tell him the right way, because Zoro is lost again. Tashigi, with subordinates, has defeated the Billions that were chasing Usopp and Vivi, and tells them to find the bomb as soon as possible to stop the explosion.

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