One Piece Chapter 203


Hatchan’s Sea Walk, Part 18: He Proposes to Hatchanpako
Hatchan is seen reflecting on the rejection in his last proposal to Hatchanpako. She had rejected his meat pies as inedible. He grins at this.


Arabasta, Arbana, Mausoleum: Luffy is still lying motionless on the ground in front of the mausoleum. In the mausoleum, Crocodile appears in the room with the Poneglyph, where Nico Robin and Nefertari Kobra are already. He wants to hear the translation from Robin. This reads that Kahira conquered Arabasta in 239. In 260, the Bitin dynasty came into being. In 306 the Dom Tav was completed and in 325 the hero Mamudin…But Crocodile interrupts Robin here, he is not interested in Arabasta’s history one bit, he just wants to know where Pluton is hidden. According to Robin, however, the poneglyph only tells the story. Crocodile is furious and thanks Robin for her cooperation, but now he wants to kill her. She made a deal four years ago to tell him Pluton’s whereabouts if he led her to the Poneglyph. Since she can’t keep her end of the bargain, he no longer needs her. He lashes out at her, but only hits her hat with his hook. Nico Robin pulls a test tube of water from her pocket and throws it at Crocodile, who easily dodges it. She sprouts an arm from his shoulder, catches the glass and goes to smash it on him, then comes at him with a knife. But Crocodile disintegrates first and rams his hook into Robin from behind. He throws the badly injured Robin to the ground and is sure to find the Pluton that way too, once he rules the kingdom of Arabasta. The building suddenly begins to shake and break apart. Cobra has removed a stone from the mausoleum, causing the entire building to collapse. Crocodile just laughs at this, he just has to let everything turn to sand to escape. In three minutes the bomb will go off and then he can rule the land.

Arbana: Two minutes to detonation. Vivi and the Straw Hats are frantically searching for the bomb, when Vivi suddenly remembers her childhood and is sure where the bomb must be hidden. Usopp, who is with her, is told to quickly let the others know. He fires the Red Snake into the sky, a plume of smoke to inform the others.

Meanwhile, Luffy is still sleeping and finally wakes up. He was too exhausted before and needed some rest. Rested, he now wants to take revenge on the crocodile and passes the secret staircase, which looks very croc-like to him.

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