One Piece Chapter 202


Hatchan’s Sea Walk, Part 17: In Search of the Super Recipe
Hatchan can be seen plowing through the water swimming style with 6 arms, leaping over the surface of the water like a dolphin. He seems to be thinking of something delicious, because he keeps licking his lips.


Arabasta, Arbana: Crocodile has sucked the water out of Luffy’s body and throws him off the wall of the Royal Palace. He now wants to make his way to the mausoleum in the west of the city. The balls of water that Luffy had missed with Crocodile fall from the sky and right onto Luffy, returning him to normal. He also makes his way to the mausoleum.

Mausoleum, Tomb of the Kings: West of the palace, Nico Robin enters a secret staircase guided by Nefertari Kobra. Nico Robin is able to decipher the Poneglyph, making it indispensable to Crocodile. It is said to reveal the whereabouts of Pluton. Crocodile thinks the King’s job is only to protect the Poneglyph, but Robin thinks that’s bullshit. They open a door and stand before the Poneglyph.

Arbana: The rest of the Straw Hat Pirates is in town looking for the bomb that Crocodile planted. They split up. Zoro is searching with Usopp. Nami and Chopper form another search team. Due to the fighting, Chopper can’t detect any specific explosive smell. Sanji searches alone while Vivi is assisted by Pell, who flies in the air but still can’t detect anything due to his devil power.

Luffy meets the defeated Tashigi and wants to know where Crocodile went. She was first defeated by Nico Robin and later Crocodile came by her place and taunted her and the Navy. Tashigi curses the Marine and shows Luffy the way to the mausoleum, who immediately sets off. The wound on the left side of his stomach opens, he falls to the ground and even when he gets up, he falls down again and remains exhausted.

Mausoleum: Nico Robin reads the Poneglyph and Crocodile reaches the secret staircase. Four minutes to go before the bomb detonates.

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