One Piece Chapter 201


Luffy executes a gum-gum bazooka and the crocodile he hit flies full force into a building, to which King Kobra is astonished. Miss Bloody Sunday takes the nails out of his arms and Kobra is told to show her where the poneglyph is.

Crocodile is up again and places his right hand on the ground. He announces to Luffy that every rock on this earth would shatter, and then uses Ground Secco. Luffy wonders why the palm trees are drying up, but doesn’t have much time to think about it as Crocodile continues his attack. Luffy is just able to hang on before he would have fallen into a sudden crack.

The fight continues. Luffy spits water at the samurai again, who simply absorbs the water with his hand and continues to attack. Now he uses Ground Death, turning everything to sand. Since even the stone statues turn to sand, Luffy is very puzzled. Even Luffy’s sandals dry up, which the Straw Hat Pirate is anything but thrilled about. Crocodile explains that everything he touches with his right hand just dries up.

Miss Bloody Sunday and Kobra are on their way to the mausoleum. Some marines, who are under Tashigi’s command, get in their way. Kobra tells them not to bother with him and explains that a bomb will go off in seven minutes. Tashigi doesn’t agree, however, so Miss Bloody Sunday attacks and takes out all the attackers with ease. A marine who is still standing tells Tashigi that this woman is Nico Robin, and that at eight years old she already had a bounty of 79 million berries. This remark makes Miss Bloody Sunday furious and screams that she has had enough. Tashigi tells the other soldiers to look for the bomb, and confronts the Baroque agent alone.

Luffy, still fighting Crocodile, is caught by Crocodile’s right hand. Luffy tries to spit at him, but is unsuccessful as Crocodile escapes the attack and leaves Luffy to dry up.

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The Color Spread, which features a white dove and quotes the words One thing I can tell you is … You got to be free ” from the The Beatles “Come together” is a response to the terrorist attacks of September 11. Eiichiro Oda also expresses his thoughts in author comments on this Jump issue.

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