One Piece Chapter 200


Hatchan’s Sea Walk, Part 16: Hatchan has traded Camie for a treasure map, causing her and Pappag to panic.


The Straw Hat Pirates and Vivi are still looking for the bomb. Two warriors attack Vivi, but Sanji and Zoro are able to deflect the attackers’ sword thrusts. The rebels are happy to have found the princess and want to get Vivi. Sanji and Zoro once again set a goal for themselves: two seconds to defeat the rebels. Nami, Usopp, Vivi, Chopper, and Pell head out, with Vivi worried that they only have ten minutes before the bomb explodes.

In the meantime, Luffy confronts Crocodile. The latter is very confident of victory and doubts that the bomb can be found in time. Crocodile isn’t worried about Luffy finding his weakness and tells him that he still doesn’t stand a chance because he’s too inexperienced and because he’s not strong enough to take on one of the Seven Samurai. King Kobra wonders about Luffy and notes that it was Luffy who brought Vivi back to Arabasta.

The straw hat wants to give the samurai a gum-gum bullet. However, the latter escapes the attack with ease and then dries up his attacker’s arm. Luffy runs at Crocodile, but only steps into the void as the samurai dodges again. The straw-hatted captain therefore drinks some water again to restore power to his arm, and then completely wets himself. He takes a swing and tricks Crocodile into swinging his arm, making it harder for Crocodile to dodge. This still doesn’t do the trick, however, as Crocodile still manages to dodge and shortly after uses Desert Spada, which Luffy is only able to evade by a hair’s breadth. Crocodile is tricked by Luffy and he has to take a hard hit. Luffy then throws his barrel full of water at his opponent to keep him vulnerable. Crocodile is not impressed by this, however, and so he unleashes a sandstorm that sends the Straw Hat Pirate flying into the air. The barrel is whirled into the air with him and can just be saved by Luffy.

Crocodile makes fun of Luffy. However, he doesn’t find this funny at all and now takes the barrel and drinks it empty. Now he is water Luffy and notices that he has a leak, which Miss All Sunday finds very entertaining. Crocodile is taken back and wonders if this kid would be normal. Crocodile subsequently gets very upset and yells at Luffy, asking him what kind of stupid joke this is. Luffy just spits water at his opponent in response and gives him a gum-gum bazooka!

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