One Piece Chapter 199


Hatchan’s Sea Walk, Part 15: Reuniting with Old Buddies
Hatchan is seen greeting the fish people while Camie and Pappag fearfully hide behind him.


Arabasta, Arbana: Pell flies towards the falling Vivi. On his back is Luffy, who grabs Vivi, who immediately clings to him. They fly over the fighting army and rebel troops. Vivi collapses under the pressure of the impending explosion and the casualties the fighting is taking. She believes she has done everything wrong. Luffy looks at her optimistically, telling her not to worry because her friends are with her. Zoro carries Nami across the plaza in front of the palace through the fighting troops. Pell has landed in front of the palace and warns Luffy to be careful, but he has eaten meat by now and feels strong enough to defeat Crocodile. Chopper, Sanji, and Usopp meet up with the three, as do Zoro and Nami. Everyone is happy to see that Luffy is still alive. He apologizes for the first defeat, but this time he will make sure Crocodile pays for his crimes.

He has grabbed hold of the top of the parapet with his arms stretched, and catapults himself upwards towards Crocodile, who is standing on the wall, bored with Luffy’s renewed attempt to hit him, which he thinks is impossible. However, Luffy is able to hit him with a hard punch to the face. With no time to waste, Luffy grabs Crocodile by the coat and hits him with the gum-gum circular saw. Badly hit, Crocodile lies on the ground as the fighting outside the palace continues unabated. Luffy has found out from Yuba’s water in their first fight that Crocodile cannot turn to sand when in contact with water. Therefore, he steals the rain in Arabasta. With his arms soaked in water, Luffy gets ready for the fight, which is just getting started.

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