One Piece Chapter 198


Color Spread. The Straw Hat Pirates bathes in a pond in the jungle. A mud building can be seen in the background. Luffy and Usopp jump off leaves into the water, while Zoro tries to catch fish with a trident. Sanji has caught an eel and shows it to the bored Vivi. Karoo gets upset with Sanji. Nami and Chopper just sit on the shore.


Arabasta, Arbana: Koza has been shot by a Baroque agent and falls to the ground. Too powerless to speak, he hopes his men will not fight. A soldier confronts the cloaked agent about why he fired. A sandstorm suddenly sweeps through the square right between the front lines. Baroque agents have crept in on both the rebel and army sides and are now firing. Through the sandstorm, you can’t see the enemy. Both sides are fuming and Vivi and Koza’s attempt to stop the fight has failed. With full force, both sides clash.

Vivi watches the newly flared fight from the parapet of the palace, she can’t believe they are fighting again. Cobra yells at his daughter to run before Crocodile gets her too. But she confronts Crocodile and knows he sent the storm across the square. Vivi is desperate to stop the square from exploding in front of the palace. Crocodile grabs her by the throat and lifts her up, taunting her hopes of saving her country yet. Fifteen more minutes until the bomb explodes and more rebel troops arrive at the palace square. Crocodile holds Vivi over the precipice at the parapet. If she had informed the rebels with Koza, they could have saved most of them. But because Vivi thinks she always knows everything, now everyone will die. Crocodile is deliciously amused by this, she won’t be able to save her country and he lets her go. Vivi falls into the abyss at the palace wall. Behind Crocodile in the sky appears the silhouette of a bird. Horrified, Crocodile sees Pell flying in with Luffy carrying a barrel on his back. Loudly Luffy screams for Crocodile, Vivi also hears him and is happy that he is still alive.

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