One Piece Chapter 197


Hatchan’s sea walk, part 14: Macro fish people, his pirates.
You can see three fish people appearing in the scene. They are the macro pirate gang.


Arabasta, Arbana, King’s Palace: The leader of the rebels, Koza, has arrived in the courtyard of the King’s Palace via a secret path he knows from before and sees the folk hero Crocodile standing over Lord Chaka, whom he has just nearly killed. Crocodile finds the situation hilarious, as the leaders of both camps are now with him. Nico Robin tells Koza to imagine the worst, then he has a rough grasp of the situation. Koza can’t believe it and asks Vivi out loud who stole the rain in Arabasta. Crocodile now opens up that it was him who stole the rain from the country. He has been using everyone like pawns for two years. King Nefertari Kobra speaks urgently to Koza not to get distracted now, but to save as many lives as possible.

Chaka manages to warn Koza that a bomb is due to go off in the square in front of the palace in 30 minutes. Crocodile therefore finally takes out Chaka, whom he already thought was dead. Koza is running towards the palace forecourt when Vivi runs him down from the side and pushes him to the ground. If the army in the square finds out about the bomb, there will be a panic and war would break out all the more. They have only one way to stop the fighting and only Koza can do that. Crocodile appears behind Vivi and wants to kill her, Koza doesn’t manage to draw his sword in time when Chaka suddenly appears and stops Crocodile’s hook with his sword. He is Arabasta’s patron god, the Jackal, and wants to buy Vivi and Koza time. Koza remembers his childhood and how he was trained by Chaka.

Arbana: The bodyguard informs the high command that the fourth defense has been breached and the rebels are rushing to the palace. Vivi stands on the palace parapet and shouts to the soldiers to raise the white flag. The soldiers are upset and do not understand the order. Koza appears at the stairs and asks the soldiers to obey the order, he himself will take care of the rebels. The fight has become pointless and they must prevent further bloodshed at all costs. The rebels run towards the palace and get ready for battle. But standing before the royal soldiers on a barrel is their leader Koza with a white flag. He tells his men that the battle is over and the army will not attack. As Koza goes to explain the situation, he is hit by four shots fired at him by a Baroque agent in the ranks of the army. Enraged, the rebels seek revenge.

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